Floor Graphics & Floor Signs



Warehouse Floor Graphics and Signs help to communicate with people who have become accustomed to seeing safety signs and no longer take notice of them. Produced using tough base materials, our floor graphics are constructed to withstand heavy foot traffic similar to that found in warehouses and retail.

Our standard designs are universally recognised because they follow British and International Standards which comply with legislations that govern the way safety signs are designed to ensure continuity. This helps people respond more quickly to signs because they become familiar with shapes and colours but combine this with a confirmation message such as STOP and a person reacts.

Floors should be cleaned carefully prior to applying floor signs. Any dirt, debris, moisture or dust will act as a barrier between the floor and compromise the adhesive. Signs should be placed away from direct contact with forklift trucks and MHE.

If you have a specific design or any questions about our floor safety signs please contact us. We are happy to provide advice, prices and lead times for non-stock items.